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The Marketplace, is a trading system that allows players to buy and sell items from other players for coins. The Marketplace can be found around the map. Players by default can list 5 items for sale, while buying VIP increases this to 10.

Coins from successful trades are stored in the Marketplace until you collect them. A notification will be displayed in chat when an item has been sold, marketplace information will also be displayed when you log in.

Walk on the action points in the market place room to browse the market, any listing with a star next to it is a sale that you have created. You can add items, remove items and collect money in the “Manage Sales” page. Listings will automatically expire if they haven't been bought within 24 hours.


  • Items cannot be listed on the marketplace while you are wanted
  • NYPD loadout items cannot be sold on the marketplace
  • Stolen heist items cannot be sold on the marketplace
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