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Peak has macros built in to the game, so you don't have to install a third-party program to use them.

Creating a Macro

Macros are created in the Settings window under the Macros tab. To add a new macro:

  1. Press Bind key combo
  2. Press the key combination you want to use for this macro - Examples:
    • Shift + B
    • 5
    • Numpad 3
    • F5
    • Ctrl + I
  3. Enter the macro you'd like this key combination to trigger in the second box
  4. Press Add

Once you have done this, your new macro will be ready for use!

Using Macros

To use one of your macros, press the key you bound to a command or text and it should send immediately!

You can also enable and disable macros by pressing the button in the bottom left, or with the command :macros. This can be useful if you've bound macros to characters that you wish to type in chat.

Macros Toggle

Commands & Slot Binds

There are many commands and binding options available with our macro system to make them more convenient and easier to use. See below for a number of useful commands which you can bind to a macro to use when you need.

  • :macros - Toggle your macros on and off, this macro will still works even if you have them disabled
  • :locktarget - Lock and unlock your current target
  • :t <username> - Target the specified user
  • :ga - Toggle gang chat on and off
  • :heal - Automatically use a medkit on yourself
  • :spray - Use pepperspray on your current target
  • :tnt - Drop a TNT bomb
  • :throwaxe - Use a throwing axe on your current target
  • :inv [1-8] - Use the item within the specified inventory slot

You can also bind inventory slots to a macro to toggle or use whichever item is in that slot at the time.

For example, if you add a macro for :inv 1 and used it with the inventory displayed on the right, it would use a medkit on yourself. Likewise if you have a macro for :inv 2 it would drop a tnt.

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