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Houses are several different tree lanes around the map. All of the houses on PeakRP provide the same sized floor plans which cannot be changed and the same perks - the only difference remains in their locations.


All houses have a weekly rent of just 100c to ensure the owners are active. You can pay this at the town hall bot.

Every time you login you will be reminded to pay your rent, as the due date approaches these alerts will happen more frequently while playing.

Failure to pay your rent before the due date will mean your house is put back up for sale, all the furniture inside will be returned to you.


House owners can open and close access to their house with commands :lock and :unlock

All members in your current gang, and anyone you have given rights to will be able to enter the house regardless of it's lock status.

You can remove someones rights any time with :removerights x

You can see a list of everyone has rights with :viewrights

APD Officers ranked Captain or above have the ability to break into your house. If you are inside the house when they do this you will receive an alert that cops will be entering. Once inside cops can walk over furni to arrest you.

If someone is inside and you want them out, you can use :kick x


All furniture in the catalog costs 3c. VIP users get access to seasonal and builders furni to decorate their houses.

If you have lots of unused furni that you no longer need, using :emptyitems will give you 1c per furni back as a refund.

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