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When you join the game every user gets access to 3 different farming skills. These skills allow you to farm food, mending weeds and rocks to sell to specific corporations straight away for bonus money. The amount you can earn on these sales depends on the stock level of that corporation.


Every time you farm an item you will gain passive XP, every level you will receive a skill point to spend on one of 3 upgrades.

Each one of these 3 farming skills can be leveled up and made stronger by reducing harvest time, increasing the chance of farming double items, and adding the chance to find a mystery box with a rare item and coins.

Harvest Time reduces the time it takes to farm 1 item in that skill. Double Resource adds and increases the chance of doubling your stock when farming. Rare Item adds and increases the chance of finding a Mystery Box which contains a rare item and coins.

Selling Stock

The stock you have is sold to Corporations via the laptop in the room. You can only sell specific farmed items to select corporations.

When stock is above 1000 a corporation will no longer offer you full price for the stock.


Farm carrots and fish at carrot farms and fishing ponds. Sell your stock to Juicy Pop.


Farm mending weeds at either farm. Sell your stock to Highland Hospital.


Farm rocks at the miner. Sell your ores to X Weaponry.

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