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====== Turf Turfs are one of the primary sources of income on PeakRP, capture and control a turf to be rewarded for completing a variety of criminal activities around the city.

Capturing a Turf

Head to one of the 3 turfs found on the map and click on “Claim Turf” in the turf info box at the top of your screen and the 60 second timer will begin. The current gang in control of the turf will be alerted and may come to contest, if so you will be in for a fight. A turf will be contested and have the capture progress paused when 1 or more non-ally gang users are in the room - if they're not in a gang, sleeping or dead, they won't pause the progress. To stop the assault, everyone from the assaulting gang should be out of the room, asleep or dead.

Turf Money

Money gets put in your gang safe for a variety of criminal activities around the city:

  • Killing enemy gang members (Gang Level in credits)
  • Jailbreaking users from the holding cells (Gang Level in credits)
  • Successfully lock picking someone (Gang Level in credits)

The longer you hold a turf the more money you get added to your safe - each amount above increases by 5% every 30 minutes you own the turf up to 25% bonus money. All gang members will be notified when money is added to or withdrawn from the safe


Inside the Turf you get access to the online blackmarket via your laptops. This is how you convert any stolen items from heists into real money for your gang. Place stolen items on the blackmarket, new gangs start with 6 slots but this is increased by 1 for every 2 gang levels you achieve. The money you make from them goes up the longer you leave them there, up to 10 minutes which is the maximum value. Any member of your gang can sell them at any time, adding the money to your safe.

It is critical for you to defend your turf - the items belong to the turf not the gang so your turf is claimed by another gang, they will be able to sell your items and take your money. You can not sell your items once your turf is under attack, and will have to defend it before you can do so.


  • If you are in control of a turf and lose it, you will not longer be able to leave once another gang owns it
  • Type :turfs for an overview on which gangs currently control turfs
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