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There are 3 large heists on PeakRP which, to pull off effectively will require a gang with enough numbers to steal items as well as a turf to sell those items to. Players are able to participate in heists either solo or as part of a gang but have a much higher chance of earning large payouts with a full gang.

Remember, all heist items will be lost if you are arrested and if you die or logout while wanted with them in your inventory.

Bank Heist

Located in the sewers around Apex Central Bank. Break down the walls, kill the guard and steal the security guard to get access to the vault.

2.5-3 minutes
Bronze Coins Bronze Coins
Silver Coins Silver Coins
Gold Bar Gold Bar

Jewellery Heist

Located at the Jewellery Store, it must be night and you will need to have lockpicks before attempting to open the side door of the Jewellery Store.

2.5 - 3 minutes
Gem Gem
Ring Ring
Necklace Necklace
Diamond Diamond

Museum Heist

Located at the History Museum, you will need to track down a museum staff member bot and kill them for their keys to gain access and steal items.

2 - 2.5 minutes
Painting Painting
Statue Statue
Jewell Jewell


  • Heist items will be lost if logging out while wanted or if arrested
  • Stealing will automatically charge you with robbery (1) star
  • If you are witnessed within any of the heist areas by an APD officer it is also illegalarea (1) star
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