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Gang Basics

The purpose of a gang is to allow users to form groups to perform various tasks. There are a variety of reasons someone may want to create a gang, for example to kill users, organised heists or to simply communicate with your friends easier.

Creating a gang costs 100c

Gangs have a member limit of 10 users

Joining a gang

Gang IconYou have the option of creating your own gang, or joining an existing one. To join a gang the gang leader must send you an invite to accept. To proceed you must first open up the “Manage Gang” window located in the top left (icon pictured on right), gang invites will be displayed on the right side of this window and to create a gang simply click on “Create a Gang” and enter in what you want the name to be.

Gang Features

Feature Description
Gang Chat Toggle chat Used to communicate information to other members in your gang. The message you type is displayed as a green text bubble to all online gang members. Click the button on the left or type “:ga” without a message to toggle between Room or Gang chat
Rename To change your gang name type :gname <new name>
Transfer To transfer gang ownership to another user type :gtransfer <username>
Disband If you no longer want your gang, type :gdisband to disband.
Members Next to each rank you can adjust it’s position using the green up and down arrows, or you can remove it by clicking the red x. You can also promote/demote your gang members to their relevant ranks by clicking the green up and down arrows, or you can remove them from the gang by clicking the red x.
Manage Users and ranks can be added to your gangs members page.
Colours Choose a primary and secondary colour for your gang HQ. The primary colour changes the colour of your armour.

Leader Ranks

The gang founder can assign any rank to have leader permissions by clicking the star on the rank header. Every user within the rank that has been given leader permissions will gain them. Disbanding the gang is only ever possible by the gangs founder.

By giving a rank leader permissions, they have the ability to kick members, invite new members, change gang colours and create new ranks.

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