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Till Robberies

Size: 1 person

Till Robberies

Till robberies can be difficult to pull off, and the rewards vary massively, but they can be extremely profitable!


Each corporation except for APD contains 1 till, as pictured in the green glow above.


  • A bat with at least 25% durability remaining
  • 15 energy


Before you can steal, you need to smash the till with your bat, which takes 15 seconds. Once you have smashed the till, 25% of your bat's durability will be taken and you will lose 15 energy.

You will now steal money every 8 seconds for 12-16 rounds. In each round, you will steal betwen 10 and 40 coins, with a 1 in 5 chance to steal double (20-80c).

You will keep stealing from the till until you get through your 12-16 rounds, or you are hit, stunned, move, or do something else happens that would cause you to stop gathering.

Once a till has been robbed, it will go on cooldown for 15 minutes. It is also worth nothing that supervisors+ at corporations can empty the till every 15 minutes. You will have to be tactical and think about when the till was last emptied and how many police are on-duty.

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