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Store Heists

Size: 1 person

Outside the Habbo Store Heist

Store heists are an excellent way to make some money on your own, just make sure you don't get caught!


  • Lockpicks (recommend bringing at least 5)


There are 4 store heists located around the map, these are:

Name Location
Habbo Store East of the map, past the factory/bank
Games Store North of the map, past the prison
Supermarket East of the map, left of and past the Habbo store
General Store Middle of the map, next to the clothing store

I would recommend hovering over the rooms on the map on the website to identify their exact locations. The descriptions above should help you find them!


Habbo Store Heist

The store heists all work the same, but this example will use the Habbo store for reference.

In the image above, there are 2 important things to look at - the safe, highlighted in red, and the store bot, highlighted in blue.

When the bot is behind the till or at the staff area, it will warn anyone that comes into the staff area to leave, and call the police if they don't. It is recommended you don't go in the staff area while the bot is watching.

Periodically, the bot will leave this area to check around the shop. This is the time you should go into the staff area and try to break into the safe.

To break into the safe, you will need a lockpick in your inventory. To try to break into the safe, double click it. There is a 1 in 5 chance that your lockpick will open the safe after 15 seconds.

Once you have opened the safe, you will start the process of taking the money over the next 45-60 seconds. If you manage to last this time without getting caught or stopping, you will receive a reward.

Store heists go on cooldown for 40-60 minutes after the safe has had money stolen from it.


The base reward for the store heist is 200-250 coins. There is a 1 in 5 chance that this amount will be doubled to 400-500 coins. There is also an additional 1 in 100 chance for this to be tripled, resulting in a maximum payout of 1500 coins.

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