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Security Van

Size: 1-∞ people

Security Van

Security vans are a rare event, but very profitable if you get to take part.


  • Yourself
  • Higher strength and more people will be beneficial


The security van spawns 5-12 minutes after a restart, and a new one spawns 3-4 hours after each van is destroyed. It will spawn in a random corporation, including APD.

Destroying the Security Van

Destroying the Security Van

When the van is alive, you can hit it to steal money from it. The money you steal is proportionate to the damage you deal - the more daamge you deal, the more money you will get from the van. We would recommend getting to at least level 2 in the gym if you haven't already, as this increases your minimum damage by 6!

The money you receive is your damage divided by 2 (rounded down). Dealing 6 damage with give you 3 coins. Dealing 20 damage will give you 10 coins.

Money Drop

Security Van Money Drop

When the security van has been destroyed, it will cause an explosion of money to be dropped in the room it was killed in. The money dropped is proprtioinate to the amount of people that hit it. If 1 person destroys it on their own, if will drop 2-3 piles of coins. If 30 different people hit it, it will drop 60-90 piles of coins, so get your friends involved!

To pick up the coins, walk over them! You will instantly receive 5-20 coins from every coin pile you collect.

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