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Museum Heist

Size: Small gang (2+ people)

{{ :crime:museum.png?nolink |Outside museum}}

The museum heist can be done alone, but will most profitable with multiple people.


  • 1 lockpick


The musuem is found on the east side of the map, behind Bubblejuice, next to the court.

Step 1. Find the code

There will be scrunched up paper outside the museum when the heist is off cooldown. You can also check the cooldown with the `:heists` command. Double click the paper to find out the staff code. You will need this code later.

Step 2. Lockpick the staff door

With a lockpick in your inventory, double click the museum side doors. You will lockpick the door after 15 seconds without being interrupted. Once open, the heist timer starts.

Step 3. Enter the code

Once you're in, roll the dice to match the code. The numbers on the dice must be in the same order as the code on the paper. For example, the below dice match the code “1 6 4”.

Once you have rolled the dice to match the code correctly, pull the lever to open the staff gates.

Museum dice

Step 4. Looting

Once you've made it into the main room, you can start stealing. Take a look at how much time you have left and choose wisely. You can steal multiple items if you have a lot of time left.

Remember to leave enough time to get out as well!

Each item requires 5 energy to steal.

Item Steal time
Painting 30 seconds
Statue 45 seconds
Jewel 1 minute

Once the heist is over, it will go on cooldown for 60-80 minutes

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