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Museum Heist

Size: Small gang (2+ people)

Outside museum

The museum heist can be done alone, but will most profitable with multiple people.


  • Some luck finding the museum staff


The musuem is found on the east side of the map, past APD and the jewellery store.

Museum Staff

Obtaining the Key

The hardest part of this heist is obtaining the key.

To obtain the key, you will need to find the museum staff, who roams the map when the heist is off cooldown. He has 50 health and doesn't fight back, but will call the police when you attack him.

The person who lands the last hit will receive the museum key. This key can be traded, but will expire when the heist comes off cooldown and a new museum staff spawns.


If you are lucky enough to have a key, congratulations! You can start the heist.

To start the heist, head to the museum and double click the museum doors while the key is in your inventory. The doors will open and the heist will last 2 minutes.


Inside the museum

Once you're in, the police will be called, and you'll need to decide what to steal. Each item takes a different length of time and sells for a different price.

Each item required 5 energy to steal.

Item Steal time Public blackmarket price Turf blackmarket price
Painting 30 seconds 75c 150c
Statue 1 minute 150c 300c
Jewel 1 minute 30 seconds 300c 600c

Once the heist is over, it will go on cooldown for 2-2.5 hours.

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