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Tiffany's Jewellery Heist

Size: Medium gang (3+ people)

Tiffany's jewellery heist is hard to do alone, so definitely take multiple people. It has some great rewards!


  • Lockpicks (recommended at least 6)
  • At least 1 police on-duty
  • 5 energy for each item you steal
  • If with friends, they must be in the same gang as you


Tiffany's jewellery store can be found on the east side of the map, between the gym and the casino.

Step 1. Lockpick the Side Doors

To start the heist, you will need to lockpick the side doors, highlighted purple in the image above. It takes 15 seconds to open the door.

Once you successfully lockpick the door, the police will be called and the heist timer will start.

Step 2. Find the key

Once you're in, you'll be in a room full of boxes. There are 3 keys hidden in different boxes, and only one will open the staff gates.

Once you have found a key, you need to walk on the action point next to the staff gates and use the key in your inventory. If it's the correct key, the doors will open. If not, nothing will happen.

Step 3. Looting

Once you're through the staff gates, the police will be called, and you'll need to decide what to steal. Each item takes a different length of time and sells for a different price.

Each item requires 5 energy to steal.

Item Steal time
Ring 40 seconds
Necklace 50 seconds
Diamond 1 minute

Once the heist is over, it will go on cooldown for 2 hours.

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