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Corner Shop Heist

Size: 1 person or small gang

Outside Corner Shop

The Corner Shop heist is one of the smaller heists, aimed at solo players or small groups.


  • Kill a low-damage 100-health bot
  • 2 energy for each box you search
  • If with friends, they must be in the same gang as you


The Corner Shop can be found on the far south side of the map, past the farming area.

Getting the Key

Corner Shop Bot

To start the heist, you need to kill the shopkeeper bot to get the key to the store room. The bot has 100 health and shoots 15-damage bullets in straight lines. You will need to time your movements to avoid the bullets. When you attack the shopkeeper, he will call the police.

Once you have killed the bot, you will get a key, which is used to open the store room doors. This key cannot be traded or deposited, and will disappear if you logout.


Once you have unlocked the back doors with the key, you need to go through the arrows and start looting the boxes and food crates.

Each item requires 2 energy and takes 2 seconds to gather, so you will need to get round the back room quickly.

Every item has a 25% chance of giving you a reward from the table below.

Reward Chance Value
20-50 coins 80% 20-50c
Painting, emerald, statue, or ring 19% 75-150c on public blackmarket, 150-300c on turf blackmarket
Necklace, bronze coins, silver coins, or prison keys 1% 200-400c on public blackmarket, 400-800c on turf blackmarket

Once the heist ends, the doors will close and you will not be able to enter or exit the store room. If you get stuck, you will need to call the police or suicide. The heist will go on cooldown for 1-2 hours once it has finished.

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