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Starbucks Cafe Heist

Size: 1 person or small gang

Starbucks Cafe is one of the smaller heists, aimed at solo players or small groups.


  • A bat with at least 25% durability remaining
  • 2 energy for each box you search
  • If with friends, they must be in the same gang as you


Starbucks Cafe can be found on the south side of the map, next to the casino.


To start the heist, you need to break down the doors to the front of the cafe with a bat. Breaking the door down takes 15 seconds and consumes 25% of your bat durability.

Once you have broken the doors, the police will be called and the heist will start. You have exactly 2 minutes to loot what you can and escape.


Once you're in, you need to head to the staff area and start looting the boxes, highlighted in yellow in the screenshot above.

Each box requires 2 energy to search and takes 20 seconds to gather, so use your time wisely!

Every box has a 100% chance of giving you a reward from the table below.

Reward Chance
20-50 coins 50%
Painting, or ring 30%
Bronze coins, or prison keys 20%

Once the heist ends, the doors will close and you will not be able to enter or exit. If you get stuck, you will need to call the police or suicide. The heist will go on cooldown for 60-80 minutes once it has finished.

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