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All stolen items from the many heists on PeakRP are sold on a blackmarket.

Turf Blackmarket

The blackmarket which is available to gangs who have secured a turf is accessible via the laptops in a turf HQ.

All gangs start with 5 slots but this is increased by 1 for every 4 gang levels you achieve.

Once you put your stolen items into the blackmarket, the money you make from them goes up the longer you leave them there, up to 10 minutes which is the maximum value. Any member of your gang can sell them at any time, adding the money to your gang safe.

Public Blackmarket

You do not need to be in a big gang to make money from crime thanks to the public blackmarket.


Public blackmarket entrance

The public blackmarket is located in a sewer below the Apex Factory, highlighted in red, and the gang there will purchase your stolen items for a decent price!


Public blackmarket

If you have managed to get your hands on stolen heist items, prison keys or APD gear, head over to the public blackmarket where you can sell these things at a discounted rate but without the need of a turf.

The public blackmarket will buy all heist items, as well as prison keys and stolen pepper sprays.

The prices for each item are displayed in the table below. They are each half the amount you get from a turf blackmarket at max price.

Item Obtained by Value
Bronze coins Bank heist 200c
Silver coins Bank heist 400c
Gold bar Bank heist 2500c
Emerald Jewellery heist 100c
Ring Jewellery heist 150c
Necklace Jewellery heist 300c
Diamond Jewellery heist 450c
Painting Museum heist 75c
Statue Museum heist 150c
Jewel Museum heist 300c
Prison keys Jailbreak heist 200c
Stolen pepper spray Jailbreak heist 400c
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