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Bank Heist

Size: Large gang (5+ people)

Outside Bank

The bank heist is the hardest, but most rewarding heist.


  • Kill 3 high-damage security guards
  • At least 1 police on-duty
  • If with friends, they must be in the same gang as you
  • 2 energy for each safe you search


You start the bank heist in the sewers, accessible from the manhole outside the factory or the manhole outside the clothing and general store. When you walk along the sewers, you will see big walls.

Breaking the Walls

Bank Walls

If the barriers are up, as shown on the left, it means the heist is on cooldown as it has been completed recently. You need to wait for the wall to be fully repaired before you can start the heist, as shown on the right.

When the walls are ready, you will need to stand next to the walls and double click them to start breaking them down. It takes 3 minutes to break the walls down.

Once the walls are broken, the heist will start, and last for 2 minutes and 10 seconds before the barriers go back up.

Bank Vault

Bank vault

Once you're in the vault, you'll immediately notice some security guards coming towards you. These guards are quite strong, so you will need a fair amount of friends to help take them down.

The bots will call the police when you attack them.

A random bot will have the key to open the vault doors. Once you kill the bot with the key, walk over to the action point by the gates and click the key to open the vault.


Finally, you can start looting the bank!

Each safe takes 10 seconds to search and require 2 energy. Each safe has a 30% chance of giving you a reward from the below table.

Item Chance Public blackmarket price Turf blackmarket price
Bronze coins 66% 200c 400c
Silver coins 32% 400c 800c
Gold bar 2% 2500c 5000c

Once complete, the bank heist will go on cooldown for 3-4 hours.

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