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 +====== X Weaponry ======
 +X Weaponry is responsible for stocking fighters and criminals with all the tools they need. This includes lockpicks, used to heist and uncuff users, weapons for bonus damage and armour to mitigate damage received when being hit.
 +===== Jobs =====
 +The weaponry is a player-run corporation. This means the hotel runs on players who have a job at this corporation. ​
 +^ Rank                   ^ Duties ​          ^
 +| Apprentice | Ability to sell body armour, throwing axes and lockpicks ​     |
 +| Blacksmith ​            | All previous rank sales abilities plus bats   |
 +| Weapons Dealer ​            | All previous ranks sales abilities plus axes  |
 +| Artisan ​           | All previous ranks sales abilities plus swords |
 +Supervisors,​ Assistant Manager(s) and the General Manager run the corporation and are responsible for all rules and policies.
 +===== Stock =====
 +The weaponry requires coal and iron to be sold to keep it in business and able to sell items.
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