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 +====== Macy's Clothes & Hair ======
 +Macy's provides the citizens of New York with fresh hair cuts and the latest in designer clothes.
 +===== Jobs =====
 +The hospital is a player-run corporation. This means the hotel runs on players who have a job at this corporation. 
 +^ Rank                   ^ Duties           ^
 +| Trainee | Able to style users hair |
 +| Stylist | Able to style users hair  |
 +| Cashier | Able to style users hair and sell clothing items  |
 +| Personal Shopper            | Able to style users hair and sell clothing items |
 +Supervisors, Assistant Manager(s) and the General Manager run the corporation and are responsible for all rules and policies.
 +===== Stock =====
 +Macy's requires wool to be sold to keep it in business and able to sell the best designer clothing!
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