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There are 6 corporations to work for in PeakRP and you can obtain a job here through a manager or at the Job Center

You can view all the information about a corporation via our in-game Business popup which displays all the information about a corp and it's employees.

Manager Terms

Managers run a corporation in terms lasting 2 months. After a Manager's term is complete the senior team of the corporation will take part in anonymous voting organised by PeakRP staff to select the next Manager who must current be ranked Supervisor or above.

No Confidence Vote

During a Managers 2 month term, any Supervisor or Assistant Manager can call a no confidence vote in the Manager. This will trigger an anonymous vote on whether the current Manager is running the corp effectively. If the Manager does not have the confidence of at least 50% of the Corporation's senior team they will be replaced.


  • A vote cannot be called during a Managers first 2 weeks in place.
  • If a vote is called and the Manager wins, another vote cannot be called for 3 weeks.

The term system does not apply to the NYPD, the Chief will be reviewed by PeakRP staff after 2 months.

Corporation Till & Tips

50% of Money earned from sales in a corporation gets put into the Corporation till. While it is sitting in the till, criminals have the ability to break into it with a bat and steal tips that your corp has earned.

Employees ranked supervisor or above have the ability to move money from the corporation till into your private safe which will be distributed as a bonus randomly.

Wages, Tips, Tasks & Bonus! There are 4 ways you will earn money when working in a corporation.

  • Wages All ranks have a basic waged earned every 10 minutes
  • Tips When making a sale you will keep 50% of the takings
  • Tasks Look out for tasks such as cleaning up, fixing machines and deliveries
  • Bonus At random intervals, money earned by the corp will be paid in a bonus

Rank Tiers & Points

Each rank within a corporation has 5 tiers, from I - V, until Supervisor. Each corporation has it's own system on how you earn these promotions so please read the Corporation Forum in the Corp to understand how to earn these promotions.

Stock & Selling

Each corporation has a stock which is visible on the business popup, a corporation requires enough stock sold by farmers to sell it's items. If a corporation has 2500 stock you will no longer be able to sell.

When stock is sold it reduces the amount of stock in a corporation based on the value of the item.

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