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Brooklyn Hospital

Brooklyn Hospital provides players with a safe environment where players can come heal up and purchase medical kits. VIP Players that have had damage from outside of the hospital will automatically begin healing back to full health as soon as they enter the hospital.


The hospital is a player-run corporation. This means the hotel runs on players who have a job at this corporation.

Rank Duties
Nurse Sells medkits to players inside of the hospital which can be used anywhere on the map.
Doctor Duties of nurse + heals players inside of the hospital
Surgeon Duties of nurses and doctors and a required promotion to reach Paramedic
Paramedic Duties of pharmacists & doctors + escorts knocked out players from outside hospital back into the hospital

Supervisors, Assistant Manager(s) and the General Manager run the corporation and are responsible for all rules and policies.


The hospital requires mending weeds to be sold to keep it in business and able to sell heals and medkits.

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