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Bubblejuice Bar

Bubblejuice Bar provides players with energy which is required for fighting and farming, as well as being consumed while working out and other miscellaneous activities. Bubblejuice Bar also has a radio where customers and staff can request music that plays while you are inside the corporation.


Bubblejuice Bar is a player-run corporation. This means the hotel runs on players who have a job at this corporation.

Rank Duties
Trainee Sells juice to users to rapidly regain energy
Bartender Trainee duties plus the ability to sell snacks that restore energy anywhere in the city
Waiter All duties of Trainee & Bartender and required progression to reach senior ranks
DJ All duties of Trainee & Bartender and can request music on the BBJ Jukebox

Supervisors, Assistant Manager(s) and the General Manager run the corporation and are responsible for all rules and policies.


Bubblejuice Bar requires food and fish to be sold here to ensure it has enough stock to sell juice and cheetos.

The stock prices remain the same until stock reaches maximum capacity of 2500, at this point no further items can be sold to the corporation.

1v1 Arena

Bubblejuice Bar is home to the 1v1 fight arena where you can challenge friends end enemies to a fair match.

Use :1v1 x to invite someone to a match and once you are in the arena you receive the same HP and identical damage to ensure fairness.

Use :arenabet x to place a 50c bet on the winner, those who bet correctly receive a cut of the total amount bet.

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