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Empire Casino

Empire Casino is a high risk high reward corporation where it's employees play with their own funds to try and win yours. Here you can play 2 different card games, have a go on the 3 different stake slots as well as play classic dice games. Finally, the Winstar Lottery gives you the chance to win a massive jackpot - purchase tickets here.


Empire Casino is a player-run corporation. This means the city runs on players who have a job at this corporation.

Rank Duties
Croupier Ability to play higher or lower with customers
Games Host Previous ranks permissions plus blackjack dealing
Dice Master Previous ranks permissions plus the ability to roll in dice booths
Senior Dealer Previous ranks permissions plus the ability to empty slot machines to the till for tips

Supervisors, Assistant Manager(s) and the General Manager run the corporation and are responsible for all rules and policies.

Empire Casino Services

Empire Casino offers a variety of betting options, depending on what players want to play.

Betting Method Action
Cards & Blackjack To start a cards game, click on the games host and type “:bet x cards <c>” or “:bet x blackjack <c>” . Games offered here are higher or lower and blackjack.
Dice To start a dice game, click on the dealer and type “:bet x dice £”, £ depending on how much you want to bet. Check with the dealer to see which games they offer.
Slots To start a game, sit on the chair, double click on the machine and click spin! Results are random and each spin costs 15c
Lottery Dicemasters can sell you lottery tickets at 30c per ticket to enter the draw. Use :lottery for more information

Slot Machines

The casino contains slot machines, allowing you to bet your money for a chance to win big prizes, with the biggest jackpot on the 60c machine being 9000c

The stake for each machine varies. You can see the stake at the bottom of the slot machine when you open it. You can see your stake when you double click a slot machine and open it's invoice

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