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Talents are a choice of 3 extra skills which you can purchase a slot for from the Town Hall. These give you access to additional fighting features.

When you purchase a talent you unlock the slot. This means you unlock it for any 3 of the talents which you can change on a cooldown. When you forget a Talent to switch it there is a 24 hour cooldown before you can learn another one.


The talent slot costs 25,000c and you must be combat level 10 to obtain it.

Cheap Shot Unlocks the ability to use a throwing axe which stuns your target for 1.5 seconds. You can purchases axes from X Weaponry for 100c per axe. Axes have a range of 2 square an d 50% chance of hitting in this range.

Striker Unlocks a 15% chance to stun your target on a normal hit for 1 second

Executioner Once purchased you will deal +6 damage to any target you are attacking that has 40HP or below.

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